Welcome to the Modern Contemplative

If you've found you're way here, and find yourself exploring this site, then I want you to understand one thing most of all, you are important, and you matter.   You matter not because I say you do, or you say you do, but because God says you do.  Contemplation is the practice of getting in tune God in such a way that we actually feel the truth and value of that in the experience of our every day lives.  And when we know that we matter to the One who created and sustains all things, then we know that we matter most of all.  Contemplation is the attempt to help orient our hearts and minds to the heart and mind of God to see as he/she does, but not in a way separate from God, but from inside God.  The goal of Contemplation is to live life so close to God that we actually begin to live life in the mystery of a God who actually is the life inside us, who lives life with us and us with God.  It is an experience which emphasizes, not the right rules of religion, but a right relationship with the God-energy of love, which is always flowing to us.  Contemplation seeks to help us learn how to get in tune with that flow, to flow with it, and live out of that energizing flow of love.  Sound interesting to you?  Then come along on this journey of discovery with me, as we explore in detail just what all this means, and how to live it out in concrete ways.  

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Join me on this journey of understanding how Contemplative thought and practice can help us encounter a real, present, and loving God right where we are, in our common experience of every day life.