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J. Randall Stewart is a Contemplative, Carpenter, Husband, Father of 3, and a student of Church history and culture.  He lives in East Tennessee with his family, where he and his wife run their construction company.  He is also an artist, musician, anthropologist, and church activist.  He is passionate about pursuing intimacy with God, and encouraging others in the same pursuit.  He's also passionate about guiding the Church into a new season of renewal, and helping the Church return to the foundational identity first instituted by Jesus and Paul. 


The Modern Contemplative started as a webpage with a blog, in an attempt to educate others on the practices of Christian meditation and prayer founded in the 3rd century by the Desert Fathers.  Today, we call that practice Contemplation.  That website/blog eventually became a landing place for all J. Randall Stewart's interests and outlets, including books, a podcast, and a YouTube channel.

Not long after starting the website and blog, J. Randall Stewart launched a podcast.  At first, the podcast was called "The Modern Contemplative".  The first 27 episides were recorded under the MC label.  Then J. Randall changed the name and focus of the podcast out of a conversation with a friend, and retitled it  "The Construction Monk".   Now the CM podcast has over 200 episodes and counting.


J. Randall Stewart's latest venture is starting his own small, in-house media and publishing company, "Eremos Media & Publishing".  Eremos came out of an attempt to publish and print his own books at a low cost, and to retain full control of his content.  The focus of Eremos is printing books and producing video's to further the mission of "A Contemplative in every Church."

"Let's Talk Church" is a J. Randall's YouTube channel.  It incorporates his desire to share a contemplative Christian perspective, and to foster conversations about the current state of church.  New video's for "Let's Talk Church" are always in the works.  Keep checking back, and subscribe to stay up to date with the latest from J. Randall Stewart.

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