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20 - Into the Energy Flow - Part 2: Energy is the Essence

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

God is the energy that births and sustains all life.

God is like electricity illuminating a light in the house of our lives.

In order for the energy of God to work, there must be a constant and consistent flow.

We just closed on our first house two months ago, and I've been doing some remodeling projects. One project has been removing the drop ceiling in the kitchen. As a part of that, I've had to remove and re-install the two lights. One of them has power running to the light switch, and then to the light, which is current standard code. The other has power running to the light, and then to the light switch, which isn't standard, and I'm not used to. As a result, I was having trouble rewiring it. At first, I couldn't figure out how to get the power down to the light switch and back to the light in order to complete the circuit. If the circuit can’t complete, the light won't work. That's how electricity works. If it can't flow from the electrical box to the light, then to the switch, then back to the light, and then back to the box, it won't power the light. At any point in the series, if there's a break in that circle of flow, the light won't come on. In fact, that's how the light switch works. When it's off, it prevents the electricity from completing the circuit. When it's on, the circle of power can flow properly in order to power the light. The same is true with the energy of God.

The energy of God needs to not only flow to us, but through us back to God. When that flow gets blocked in us, it can't flow back to God, and thus can't keep flowing from God to us. So, what keeps the energy of God flowing to us, and what blocks it?

Getting into the flow of God never means getting more of God for ourselves. We have all of God we need to sustain life in the most basic sense. But if we are to experience God more fully, we must start learning how to let God flow out of us in ways that pour back into others and God. It’s not about God needing something from us, but about completing the circuit in a way that connects us back to God.

As in any relationship, a one way giving doesn’t work. The person getting may seem to be benefiting the most, but really, both are suffering from that disordered and disproportionate flow, just in different ways.

God doesn’t want what He gives to flow through us back to Him because He needs something from us. God wants to be in relationship with us, and relationship is about the circle of flow between two people. It's not as much about the giving or the getting, but about the flow of connection. As we get into the flow with God, we learn how to let that overflow into others. Connection breeds more connection, but breaking also breeds more breaking. We tend to reproduce our own stance towards life, whether we intend to or not. If our energy is positive, it will have a positive effect on others, and if it is negative, then we will affect others negatively as well. So, one of the first things we need to do when beginning to try and recognize this flow is learning how to sense when the flow is positive or negative, when it is moving or blocked.

We all operate from the flow of God's energy. Just because we're not aware of it, doesn't mean it's not happening. To be more aware of it helps us understand what it is and how it works. It also helps us understand when that energy is flowing properly, and when it isn't. The improper, or disordered flow of that energy can come out in negative ways. In a sense, that happens when we are attempting to reverse the flow of this energy. Instead flowing from God to us, we can begin to attempt to get this energy to flow to us from others. That is the essence of a blocked, or negative flow.

Positive energy is a giving flow. Negative energy is a taking flow.

We can get into a negative flow when we don't understand that the energy of God is flowing to us. In that stance, we think we must take, because we don't think anything is flowing to us.

With negative energy, the real, deeper message can often be something like, “I feel worthless, unloved, unnoticed, unwanted." This can cause us to put off a negative/taking energy of needing to be noticed and valued by others. With two people in that negative stance, both can translate that taking energy as a desire from the other for the other. The ego-centric person sees all things as centered on them, and will translate all energy in those terms. It's all about how others affect them, and what others can do for them. Even with two people in that stance, each will attempt to use the other to draw things to themselves, which can keep both in place of never really being able to receive the flow of love properly, as something given instead of taken. This negative stance is what breaks the proper flow of God's energy to us, and through us to others.

Remember, the circuit must be completed in order to reconnect the flow of our energy back to God. That means the abundant energy of God already flowing to us must then flow back out of us. That is the flow of love, which is always a flow of giving. It is an outpouring flow. The reason reversing the flow blocks the flow of God’s love for us, is that it begins from a stance that denies that flow, and affirms the false reality that we do not have this inflowing and must somehow make it happen for ourselves.

Energy is the essence.

Energy is the essence of life.

God is the energy that is the essence of life.

We need the energy of God constantly flowing to us, and through us.

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