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53 - A Bitter Pill

Updated: Jan 15

We've all been there.

We've all been left reeling from the bad choices and the relational wounds others inflict upon us. Sometimes those wounds feel purposed, sometimes accidental. Either way, we all have to deal with relational trauma and hurt.

The first thing God tells us in that place of wounding is, it's okay to feel however you feel.

It's okay to feel depressed, angry, sullen, sad, neglected and rejected. God never shames us for our feelings of hurt.

The next thing God tells us is, "let's deal with it!" We need to address those wounds and be healed.

God never leaves us in our woundedness, to fester and let infectious bitterness set in. God calls us to work through some of the hurt on our own, but to also address the person that has hurt us.

Sometimes, we need to work through a degree of that hurt on our own first, so we're not just retaliating in that hurt, and wounding others equally as much as they've wounded us.

But eventually, we need to create the space for healing and reconciliation in the relationship. The other person may not want to admit the hurt they've caused or seek reconciliation. But we need to at least make the attempt. Then, if reconciliation isn't desired, we can move on, knowing we did everything we could.

Don't hold onto hurt.

Don't let it fester.

You're only hurting yourself more.

The other person usually moves on quickly, not even aware of the hurt you're feeling. Let them know.

Give them the chance to make it right.

But don't let relational hurt led you down the path of bitterness.

Feel it, deal with it, and learn how to move on. It's the best thing you can do for yourself.

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