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Books by

J. Randall Stewart


Book 1: "PROSTITUTE" - The Church Renewal Series

In the beginning, God created the world.  In the beginning, Satan had a Plan to wreck that world.  God had a Plan to counter Satan's Plan.  That Plan was Jesus.  But Satan also had his counter to Jesus.  He laid out that Plan in the three temptations of Christ.  Jesus rejected those temptations, but Satan didn't take that loss lying down.  From the beginning of the Church Satan has had a Plan.  That Plan was to prostitute the Church to his form of power.  Through its history the Church has struggled to resist that temptation.   This book is about that struggle, and God's ability to prevail despite it.

Book 2: "BETHROTHAL" - The Church Renewal Series

What does it mean to be a disciple of  Jesus; to hear, know, and follow the voice of the Good Sheperd.  Can we really come to know God intimately through the Spirit within us?   In the follow up book to "Prostitute", J. Randall Stewart explores the ancient practice of Contemplation as a means to a more personal relationship with Christ.  We are the Bride of Christ.  Betrothal is about the period before we are married to Christ, where we come to know Christ Himself.  In our commitment to Jesus as Lord, are we coming to make Him Lord?  Are we on a journey of coming to know the One to whom we've been promised in marriage?  That's what Betrothal is about.


Book 3: "THE WAY" - The Church Renewal Series

What is the cross to  Christianity?  Why does Jesus make his clarion call for all followers to take up their cross, if they want to follow Him.  Is suffering the key to new life in God?  J. Randall Stewart explores these questions in the  third release of his "Church Renewal" series.

Book 4: "SANCTUARY" - The Church Renewal Series

What is The Church?  How is the Body of Christ equipped by the Spirit with a diversity of Gifts to fulfill one mission.  What are the different roles and levels of Church, and how is the local church different from the Universal Church?   What does it mean to be the Church in the World?  In this fourth installment of the "Church Renewal" series, J. Randall Stewart explores what the Church is meant to be, as the visible representation of an invisible Kingdom.


Eremos Media & Publishing is a new venture of The Modern Contemplative.  Eremos is the outreach arm of MC, producing materials to help further the mission of "a Contemplative in Every Church". 

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