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94 - Together Newsletter # 3

It’s time to get real

It’s time to get real about getting into Reels

In the middle of winter, I’m getting into Shorts

YouTube Shorts, that is.

The momentum of the MCCM ministry for the past month has experienced a great deal of growth through two main mediums, Facebook Reels and YouTube Shorts.

After getting back into producing videos for my new YouTube channel, “Let’s Talk Church”, I stumbled upon the option to turn my longer weekly videos into 1 minute shorts.  Where as the video’s were garnering between ten and thirty views on average, the shorts started attracting between 300 and 1,000 views on average. 

That has equaled a big jump in the attention MCCM is getting on social media.

But that’s not all.  On November 28th I launched an Instagram account to share text driven memes.  One day I decided to make a short promo video for one of my YouTube videos.  Thus, I also stumbled upon Facebook Reels as a second way to garner more interest in the videos I was already creating for YouTube. 

Both venues have produced a lot more interest than my longer video's through bite-sized video shorts, driving more traffic to my longer videos as well.

As a result, the content I’m creating has gone from less fifty views a month to over 5,000 views a month.  That’s a big increase!

Beyond that I’m developing two partnership ventures to create more content. 

One is a comic strip called “The Continuing Adventures of Joe Christian” with Robert Turner.  This will take a humorous, satire approach to the problems facing the modern Church today. 

The other is called “With All Thy Heart and Soul” with Richard Lewis.  This will create a model for how Churches can better deal with the mental health crisis in their communities through Spirit-led support groups.

I am excited to see the doors God is beginning to open for MCCM, and looking forward to the increase He will give as we are faithful to the vision He has given for moving forward.



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